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Brand Story

Founded in 2013, TEAMLTD is a Canadian lifestyle brand that's motivated by a community of like-minded individuals
who've traded the status quo for the pursuit of the extraordinary.
We've long celebrated the game changers, move makers, and unapologetic adventurers by supplying high-quality apparel items that meet the demands of their callings. Our progressive seasonal collections have earned us the privilege of outfitting those who are focused on living the dream rather than sleeping with it.

Mission & Vision

At TEAMLTD, we are driven by our mission to curate closets with high-quality apparel items that empower people in pursuit of their dreams. With this as the catalyst of our company's success, we will achieve our vision to mobilize a global community of brand enthusiasts who engage, evolve and elevate adventurous lifestlyes, arts and culture and the natural world.

Living The Dream.