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TEAMLTD Originals: Rylee Emery


TEAMLTD Originals: Rylee Emery

TEAMLTD Originals: Episode Two with Rylee Emery


Welcome to TEAMLTD Originals: a mini documentary series based on real world people who are truly Living The Dream. Throughout the series, we will be catching up with these everyday people to get an inside look at their story, how they live, and why they are doing what they do. We’re excited to be able to immerse ourselves into their lives and share everything we capture and experience from so many incredible lifestyles, so stay tuned for more to come. For now, here’s Episode One.




Meet Rylee Emery, a supervisor and manager at the docks up at Moraine Lake Lodge located in Alberta in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. 

Rylee took a big risk trading college for a life of adventure out west. Over the last four years, he has travelled to more than twenty countries, but always returns home to Moraine Lake in the summer months. His passion for climbing challenging peaks in some of the most sought after Canadian wilderness, has shaped him into the person he is today.


Rylee grew up in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, spending his time playing competitive sports and truly adventuring and enjoying the outdoors with his family. Their cottage on beautiful Georgian Bay and everything that came with it, like hunting and fishing, is exactly what sparked his love for the great outdoors. 

"Being in the mountains is what drives me and pushes me to be a better person"

Over the last 3 summers he's spent at Moraine Lake, Rylee has absolutely crushed his mountain climbing goals but he's also learned his lessons. A few of his tips: these mountains are unforgiving and it's just so important to be smart and take care of yourself above all else.


So, What's A 'False Peak'?

This is how Rylee explains it for us. Might be mountain speak but relatable, right?

"For those of you who don’t know what a false peak is, it’s when you think you’re just there, you’re about to land the girl, you know, you’re just there, you’re about to ace the test and then… you fail miserably because you’re actually not quite there."


Rylee goes on to talk about how much he truly loves what he does and how, even though he's pushed himself too hard in the past, he's learned the keys to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Work hard, play very hard and adventure even harder.


Where Does Rylee See Himself In 5 Years?

 In the next 5 years, Rylee hopes to continue his climbing, travelling, learning new skills and simply, pursuing his dreams to the fullest - all while sharing his experiences with the world through the lens.


Rylee doesn't just consider himself a supervisor and manager in his role but also an educator. But why is this so significant?

"If I’m able to educate people on what’s going on here and then, make it so that they respect this area and treat it better as well. Then that’s beneficial for all parties because if, if you don’t, you know, it’s not gonna stay this pretty and it’s gonna eventually become a bit of a mess and that’s the last thing that we want is for this beauty to be turned upside down."


And that's what it's all about.

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