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James Barker Band at The KEE to Bala


James Barker Band at The KEE to Bala

The crew is fired up for another wild weekend at The KEE with the James Barker Boys! With back-to-back sold-out shows, this weekend has quickly become one of the most anticipated weekends for country fans across the province. 

After spending a long weekend at the cottage followed by a quick trip back to The KEE this past Monday for Resort Night, I'm fired up to get back to The KEE and send it with the boys while rocking out with the James Barker Band.

There's a lot of history between the JBB boys and the LTD crew and I recently got the background on how it all started. We debuted JBB at The KEE in 2016 when they headlined our annual Country Party - Giddy Up and sold out The KEE in one of their biggest headlining shows of the year. This was one of the best parties of the summer and since then JBB has become one of the most popular annual shows each summer. 

"Lawnchair Lazy" was the first hit that put the boys on the map that year and is still a go-to summer song across the country. 

After that first show, the band and the LTD crew hit it off and have had a great connection ever since. There was a mutual respect for the grind, the work and the dedication that everyone was putting in to chase the dream. 'Living The Dream' was a motto lived by all, and coincidentally JBB already had an unreleased song titled 'Living The Dream' that went on to be another huge hit!

The boys were back at The KEE in 2017 for another wild night but this weekend marks the first doubleheader show and is set to be the biggest shows yet. It was 2018 that I personally became very familiar with JBB by constantly hearing bangers like 'Chills' and 'Just Saying'. In 2018 they won Country Album of the Year at the Juno awards for 'Game On' and it's been a wild ride every since. 

I'm excited to be back in Muskoka this weekend and see the boys first hand. I hope you have your tickets cause this weekend is sold right the hell out and I'm fired up!

Make sure to check out some of the other bangers below and be prepared for this weekend!


"Keep It Simple" 

"Good Together" 

Make sure you've checked out our Giddy Up playlist on Spotify for all our favorite country hits.

By Devlin Forsyth