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Nic Rapa Joins TEAMLTD


Nic Rapa Joins TEAMLTD

Stoked to welcome Pro Wakeboarder and the #2 Ranked Rider in the World Nic Rapa to the team! 

We love to connect with young athletes chasing their dream. When we got a chance to bring on Nic it was undeniable.

Started to dabble into wakeboarding in his mid-teens, Nic hustled his way to dominating the junior circuit. Hard work led to quickly climbing the junior ranks and going on winning two World Finals. He racked up accolades including becoming the 3x Junior Rider of the Year at the Rider Choice Awards Australia from 2014-2016, and has been considered one of the most dominant junior riders of all time. Now in his early 20s, Nic has his sights on crushing the wakeboard scene internationally. 

Officially signing his World Wakeboard Association Pro Card in 2016, the Aussie has shot through the World Rankings, where he currently sits in 2nd overall. Splitting time between Florida and Australia, Nic has earned sponsorships from companies like Ronix, Supra, Rockstar, GoPro and now TEAMLTD. 

He's blowing up internationally – and it's just the beginning. Having watched Nic’s relentless pursuit in becoming one of the greatest riders in the world we know big things are coming for him – and we’re pumped to have him on the team.  

Check out this 2017 recap from our friends over at Rockstar. 

By Andrea Edward