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Uncover the unique personality behind each of our 9 Par-Tee Polos and find the perfect style to elevate your golf game


What Does Your Par-Tee Polo Say About Your Personality?

Looking to make a statement on the golf course? Our new Par-Tee Polo collection offers nine unique designs to help you showcase your personality while attempting to sink those birdies. Let's dive into each design and see what your polo pick says about you!


1 - Arizona Par-Tee Polo: For the free-spirited golfer who loves to express their creativity and is never afraid to make a bold statement on the course. If you're sporting this pastel floral print, you're all about spreading good vibes and embracing your inner flower child. 

2 - Black Gilmore Par-Tee Polo: Perfect for the golfer with a sense of humor, who enjoys adding a touch of playful fun to their game while keeping it stylish. You might even channel your inner Happy Gilmore to sink that putt!

3 - Green Gilmore Par-Tee Polo: Ideal for the vibrant and energetic golfer who loves to stand out in the crowd and brings their A-game with a splash of color. Your playful side is evident as you joke around with friends, all while rocking those golfing alligators.

4 - Infrared Par-Tee Polo: Designed for the adventurous golfer who isn't afraid to take risks, both on and off the course, and loves to make a lasting impression. Your confidence shines through, making you a fierce competitor on the course.

5 - White Par-Tee Polo: Choosing this crisp white polo shows you appreciate the classics. Your style is timeless and elegant, yet you're not afraid to spice things up with your golf game.

6 - Sin City Par-Tee Polo: Perfect for the trendsetter golfer who loves to combine the laid-back vibes of the tropics with their passion for the sport. If you're donning this pattern, you're likely the adventurous type. You're always up for a challenge, and your golf game is no exception.

7 - Tortoise Par-Tee Polo: Suited for the golfer who appreciates a subtle touch of elegance and sophistication, while still making a statement on the green. You're a trendsetter on and off the course, and your eye for style is matched only by your determination to improve your golf game.

8 - Agave Palm Par-Tee Polo: For the golfer who finds inspiration in the outdoors and appreciates a harmonious blend of style and tranquility. You're laid-back and easygoing, and approach golf with a "go with the flow" mentality, enjoying the journey just as much as the destination.

9 - Vanilla Palm Par-Tee Polo: Ideal for the golfer who loves to keep it casual yet classy, with a touch of understated charm and effortless style. You have a keen eye for detail, which translates to your impeccable golf swing.


No matter which Par-Tee Polo you choose, you're sure to turn heads and express your unique personality on the golf course. So, go ahead and grab your favorite design to up your style game while perfecting your swing!

TEAMLTD Par-Tee Polos
By Jamie Visser